Block EMF's And Create A Faraday Cage For Your Brain

"After wearing it all day at work I had to give Jason a call and tell him how much I loved it."

Ryan Dean
Host of the Dangerous World Podcast

Concerned about your EMF radiation, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & cell signal exposure? 

You should be. 

But, this beanie we lovingly call the Tinfoil Hat has got you covered--literally. 

Our stylish, folding beanie not only keeps you looking classy but with its silver mesh lining it can help protect your brain. And unlike some other EMF blocking beanies you may have tried, ours is actually COMFORTABLE to wear. 

Now you can keep "THEM" out of your head without looking, or feeling like you're wearing a piece of scratchy tinfoil on your head. It's like a Faraday Cage for your brain, without the cage. The Tinfoil Hat comes in basic black, so it goes with everything, in all kinds of weather. Grab one today and start guarding your health and your liberty.

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